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Neonatal Consultation Services, Inc. is an organization formed for the purpose of providing and teaching innovative and proactive neonatal case management skills to healthplan case managers.

Our programs assist payors with building their “In-House” expertise to manage neonates. Proprietary clinical decision tree pathways, known as NeoPathways®; and case management tools, known as NeoNotes®, provide vital information that allows the case managers to proactively manage high risk infants.

This service:
  • Provides an excellent source of scientific content for Decision Support for case managers
  • Provides convenient and clinically aligned Conduct of Care Guidance tools, helping to identify key transition milestones in care
  • Provides tools for managing transitions in care such as leveling in the hospital NICU and home preparedness for discharge
  • Provides an excellent way to assure the healthplan a standardized, clinically sound set of algorithms when the client has multiple case managers focused on neonatology where errors of commission and errors of omission in case management could have significant consequences


    Helping You Provide Exceptional Case Management!